Lord Craft Mod

The Lord Craft mod is a very large and popular magic mod based on several elements, such as water, fire, earth, air, light, and darkness. By completing certain tasks, you can get various useful passive abilities and spells that can be used during the game. For development, the mod uses several mechanics, including solving logical problems, performing rituals.

Along with passive and active magic features, the mod adds different ores, weapons and tools, armor, and many different decorative and functional blocks.

It is worth noting that the main popularity of the mod was on version 1.12.2, but recently it was updated to 1.16.5, the mod was significantly changed.

In 1.16.5, the author reworked the mod, there are quite a lot of changes. Of course, it creates a book of studies, when you first open it, you will be asked to choose a certain class, they differ in bonuses and basic magic.

After that, you will see the development interface, initially it is quite sparse, but after that it will increase by many tabs.

To advance in the study, you must meet all the requirements to begin with, as well as either complete a logical puzzle, or fulfill other requirements. The requirement may be, for example, to draw 8 ritual rings, use the tool 30 times, get, get something, or kill someone.

You also have to solve a logical puzzle, you need to direct the laser beam at all points, for this there are several types of mirrors, side mirrors, mirrors that split the beam and others. On the top left, you can switch them, there are always a limited number of them. Having installed the mirror on the paintwork, you can turn it by turning the wheel, it will change the direction of the beam, and you can remove it on the PCM.

After you have brought the beam to all the necessary points, click the green button.

This way you can advance through the fashion, get passive features that can be activated on a special tab. Also, at a certain point, you will be able to learn different spells and use them, for this you have mana.


How to install the mod:
Install Forge
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download the mod and copy it to. minecraft / mods
In the launcher, launch the version of the game with forge.



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