Random Enchants Mod

The mod will add enchantments and curses for minecraft. Now the sword, bow and tools can be enchanted with the help of new interesting effects – a decrease in the charging time of the bow, the chance to return the fired arrows, paralyze the mob on impact, as well as get curses such as lengthening the time of block extraction, or simply getting the effect of hands from the ass. In general, interesting and somewhat funny effects.


Back To the Chamber – there is a chance to return arrows that hit the enemy back to your inventory.
Homing – arrows fired from a bow will follow the mob, except for Enderman.
Quick Draw – Reduces bow charging time.

Bow + sword
Cursed Jumping – if you attack a mob with this enchant, then when jumping, the mob will fly up
Disarm – any mob hit by this enchant will drop its weapon.
Floating – Any mob hit by this enchant will be subject to the Shulker Effect for 10 seconds.
Instant Death – any mob that is hit by a weapon with this enchantment will die instantly.
Lightning – hits any mob with lightning.
Paralysis – any mob hit by this enchant will be unable to move, jump or attack.
True Lifesteal – Damage dealt by enchanted weapons restores health.

Combo – the more you hit the mobs, the more damage you deal to them with each subsequent hit.

Equal Mine – every block above hardness 1 is mined at the same rate.
Momentum – mining speed increases for each next block of the same type.
Obsidian Buster – mining speed increases by 100 when mining obsidian.
Randomness – Blocks drop random items when mined, one item per level.

Breaking – accelerates tool breakage.
Butterfingers – fingers out of the ass …
Fumbling – the tool does not mine as fast as we would like.


How to install the mod:
Install Forge
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.


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