Snow Mercy Mod

Snow Mercy mod-adds a new event to the game, the battle with the waves of snowmen. You can start it alone or with friends with the help of a team or a special item and start the battle. You will be attacked by snowmen with different types of attacks, the battle will be harder and harder.

Snowmen have different types of soldiers, one explodes when approaching, others launch a lot of icicles falling from the sky at you, and others attack you in close combat.

To control the event, you can use the following commands:

/ snowmercy start

/snowmercy stop

Or craft a special compass and click it on the block of magnetite PCM.


How to install the mod:
Install Fabric
Install the Fabric API
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download the mod and copy it to. minecraft / mods
In the launcher, run the version of the game with the factory.


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Tags: minecraft 1.16.5

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