Argon Map

Argon – city + mountains

The authors of the map realized on it a rather large city with a bunch of various buildings, and also the beautiful nature nearby – these are mountains. They tried to make the city as diverse as possible – a lot of skyscrapers, small buildings, municipal buildings, even roads vary in color (this is more for ease of navigation). There are quite a few roads; near the city there are beautiful mountains with a small forest belt.

You can also install a separate resourcepack for the map, it changes a bit of texture and specific, since it was created purely for this map – a link. The map preview is slightly lower, as you can see, the city itself occupies a small part relative to the entire map – it has a lot of nature, and it’s beautiful. True, the buildings do not have interiors, only a small number have they worked out.


How to install the map:
Download the file and unzip it. (get the folder from the archive)
Copy the folder to .minecraft / saves
Choose this save in the game.


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