Campanion Mod

Campanion – a bunch of useful items for minecraft

The mod will add a bunch of useful items to minecraft that will greatly facilitate the life of the player. Among them are a rope for climbing to a height, quick-folding bridges, a hook for moving to a height (as in spy movies), awnings to place a player with his items under them, and a bunch more! Perfect for those who like to travel a lot around the world of the game and do not like to carry a bunch of everything necessary for this.

Perhaps one of the best mods in recent years, because it perfectly complements the default world of minecraft with items that fit perfectly into this very world.

Rope Bridges – bridges are quickly built, help crosses over the abyss between closely located parts of the land.
Rope Ladders – a rope ladder, also helps to climb quickly without the need to build a conventional ladder.
Grappling Hooks – a hook for climbing to a height, shoot from it much higher and then climb the rope, convenient for quickly moving to a height.
Backpacks – backpacks, there are three types – small, medium and large, perfect for long trips when the usual equipment is not enough (masthead).
Tents – tents, or just tents, under them you can equip a bed and a couple of the necessary blocks. More suitable for general surroundings and atmosphere. A bonfire looks great next to them.
Sleeping Bags – sleeping bags, great for fast sleep, and even one of them is great at looking at the stars.
Spears – spear, perfect for hunting a distance away from home. There are three types – iron, gold and diamond.
Lawn Chairs – Chairs. Just beautiful chairs where you can relax from long hikes near the tent and campfire.
S’mores – a new kind of goodies.
Skipping Stones are small pebbles that you can throw over the water and watch how far they fly and drown.
Leather Tanning – drying the skin.
Howling Wolves – Wolves now howl at the moon while traveling with you, looks atmospheric.
Materials – materials for craft.

All craft can be viewed in REI.


How to install the mod:
Install Fabric
Install Fabric API
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
In the launcher, launch the version of the game with the factory.


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