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Create mod – useful tools for builders!

The mod will add tools to minecraft, which is great for builders. Using them, you can scan the building and build it in any other world using a special gun. All this, of course, is worth the resources, but this is a great way to copy complex buildings, especially since they can be transferred between worlds. YES and this business looks unusual – the cannon shoots in blocks and a full-fledged building slowly looms, it’s interesting to watch.

How to build a building:

We craft paper (craft on the left), using it we scan the building using two points.
We are building a special table where this paper can be turned into a sketch.

Menu for transferring paper to a sketchbook.

With the help of this schematic, we place the building, in the same place it can be mirrored, rotated.

To build this schematic, you need to put a gun. It will need to load the schematic itself, resources and fuel.

Gun menu:
1. Here we place our scheme.
2. We place an empty book here, it will turn into a book, where all resources and their quantity will be indicated.
3. Here we place the gunpowder, this is fuel.

What a list of resources looks like. Resources must be put in the chest next to the gun.

In new versions, the author added simple mechanics, wheel rotation, gears, conveyors with the ability to create beautiful and realistic buildings, the creation of cool mechanical auto farms.

All craft can be viewed in JEI

How to install the Create mod:
Install Forge
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
Launch the version of the game with forge in the launcher.


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