Doggy Talents Mod

The Doggy Talents mod adds an interesting opportunity to the game – pumping your pet, or rather, a dog. 15 different skills, new items await you … I’ll introduce you to all this now! voobscheto

First, I’ll introduce you to the Treats. They are used to level up your pet, a total of 4 Treats:
1) Rewarding Treat, increases the pet’s level from 1 to 20.

2) Excellent Treat, increases pet level from 21 to 40.

3) Master’s Treat, increases the level of the pet from 41 to 60.

4) Terrifying Treat, increases pet’s advanced level from 1 to 30.

For each level (normal and advanced), the dog receives 1 skill point. Each of the 15 skills can be improved up to level 5. Level 1 – 1 point, Level 2 – 2 points … Level 5 – 5 points, it takes 15 experience points to fully pump one skill.
Normal and advanced levels are no different, but the author decided to separate them.

But how do you get started with this mod? Where can I get a dog? It’s simple, you need a Dog Charm. In earlier versions, you got charm when creating the world, but in the new version of the mod there is a bug – you do not get charm when creating the world. Therefore, you will have to get it through NEI. sadf
Press RMB on any block (charm in hand), and magically, passing through platform 9 and three quarters, a dog will appear in front of you. Hooray!
But how to live? Where are the skills? What is a sense of life? Do not worry!
To open your dog’s menu, pick up a regular stick and right-click on the dog. No matter how shocking you are, you will see this:

All 15 skills are in front of you, and opposite them there are “+” buttons. Hovering over these buttons will show additional information about the skill. It seems that everything is simple. Also, just below there is an indicator of the dog’s level, the number of pumping points, as well as 3 more buttons:
1) Under the level indicator, you can see the button on which Docile is written. This button changes the behavior of your dog. There are 5 modes in total: Docile, Aggresive, Tactical, Berserker, Wandering. Unfortunately, the buttons themselves could not be translated, but when you hover over, you will see hints. reshitelen
2) Dog number? Well, here it is a no brainer that this button changes the color of the collar, and also numbers the dogs. redface
3) Personal? This button has 2 meanings: yes or no. If you set “no”, then only you can interact with the dog, otherwise your pet will be able to go to another player. But you do not want someone to touch your charm? Da-nu-nafig
We figured out the skills, but there are still a couple of interesting points in this mod. CerealGuySquint
Collar Scissors are in fashion! If you are tired of the dog (futakimbyt), then just right click on the dog with scissors in hand. Voila!

There is also a special Breeding Bone. She needs to feed two dogs and after a while, they will read a book on quantum mechanics, after which a puppy will appear. happy

Want to play with your pet? Take the Toy! Throw it and your pet will run after it! And it will bring it back, really slobbering …

For those who lose their pets, Radar is in fashion. Attach a radio collar to your pet, and then look at the radar. The dot marks your miracle.

The game also features a bowl of food and a dog bed. The functionality of these things has not been completed to the end, so there is no point in talking about them. dudecomeonmeme
This concludes the description of the mod, then screenshots and crafts.

How to install the mod:
Install Forge
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.


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