Dynocaps Mod

The Dynocaps mod will add a small capsule to the game into which you can quickly place a small home base, and then just as quickly spawn it anywhere. This way you will always be with a small base or with a whole house on your travels.

The mod adds only 1 item – a capsule, it is quite cheap to craft, after its creation you can capture part of the world, and if you press Shift + RMB, you can increase or decrease the size of the captured area up to 10 by 10 by 10 blocks, this cube will accommodate a fairly large house.
All chests and their contents are saved, but there are no mobs, so you won’t be able to take the farm with you, or use additional mods to transfer mobs.

How to install the mod:
Install Fabric
Install the Fabric API
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
Launch the factory version of the game in the launcher.


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