Enchanting Fever Mod

Enchanting Fever mod adds 23 new enchantments and 4 curses to the game that will diversify your gameplay and help you in certain situations.

New enchantments:
Pillowy Helm – Heals you after you sleep

Breastplate (Breastplate)
Freezing Thorns – Like normal thorns, but only slow down the target.
Toxic Thorns – Like regular thorns, but also poison
Overworld Affinity – some interesting effects for the Overworld
Nether Affinity – some interesting effects for the Nether
End Affinity – some interesting effects for the End

Explosive Fall – Cancels fall damage with an explosion
Springy Fall – instead of taking fall damage, makes you jump

Freezing – slows down the target hit by the sword
Poisoned (Toxic) – poisons the target hit by the sword
Holy Blade – sets fire to and explodes enemies hit by the sword
Zeus Channeling – Lightning Strikes

Holy arrow – bow sets fire and explodes enemies
Air arrow (Baloon Arrow) – makes the enemy fly up. Levitation effect.
Cursed Arrow – Bow applies drain
Squid Arrow – Creates water and squid where the arrow hits
Poseidon’s Arrow – more octopuses
Tranquillizer Arrow – the bow imposes on the target: SLOW, WEAKNESS, BLIND, FATIGUE, and NICKNESS.

Cultivator – when plowing the land, you have a chance to get valuable loot
Reinforced – prevents the hoes from being damaged when plowing the ground

Sword / Bow
Lighthing Channeling – after hitting it, lightning will strike
Leeching — Heals you for 14% of the maximum health of an enemy you kill

Damage Reflection – Sword / Bow – damage done by you will be returned back.
Extra Damage Taken – Chest – you take more damage
Bad Gradening – Hoe – gives a 50% chance of not plowing the ground
Second Thoughts – Bucket – has a 50% chance not to draw water from the source

In developing
Lava Walker (Magma Walker) – Boots – allows you to walk on lava
Core Miner – Pickaxe – gives a chance to get additional ore
Speedy – Boots – allows you to move faster


How to install the mod:
Install Forge
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.


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