Ender Storage Mod

Ender Storage – convenient storage of items for minecraft, tool storage

The mod adds 3 gizmos: the Ender Pouch, the Ender Chest and the Ender Tank. They will allow you to keep things at death, as well as more convenient to store objects and fluids in the game. Let’s look at these items in more detail:

Ender Pouch.
The Edge backpack is very useful in that when we put a thing in it, we are unlikely to lose it. So, let’s say you have digged up a bunch of diamonds and in order not to lose them, you can put them in the Edge Backpack. If we burn in lava, then we can craft another Edge Backpack, and our diamonds will be in it!

Ender Chest.
In a regular minecraft, absolutely all of the Edge Chests are merged into one storage. But this mod changes the craft of the Edge Chest and, at the same time, changes its texture. With this mod, you can craft several Edge Chests and combine them into several different storages! How to do it? But very simple. You need to put a chest, and with the help of dyes change colors on the gray “bricks”, and then you will have several chest systems, this is very useful.

Ender Tank.
Water can be poured into the Edge Cistern and it will interact with pipes from BuildCraft.


How to install the mod:
Install Forge
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
Launch the version of the game with forge in the launcher.


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