Extra Gems Mod

ExtraGems mod – new ores, armor, weapons and tools for minecraft

The mod will add 4 new ores to the minecraft – emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst. All of them will be generated in the ordinary world, as well as ordinary ores. Their characteristics are similar to diamond ore, they differ only in strength. From them you can make yourself the appropriate armor, tools, weapons and blocks that can be used in construction.
Nothing special, but fans of diversification of minecraft should work, more ores will not hurt anyone default.

How to install ExtraGems mod:

Download Minecraft Forge for your version of minecraft.
Install Forge by running the downloaded file.
Open the minecraft launcher and select the version of minecraft with forge in the profile.
Has the game started? Turn off minecraft.
Download mod.
Place the downloaded file at: C: \ Users \ your user pc \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft \ mods
Launch the game again your version with the postscript Forge.


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