Industrial Foregoing Mod

Mod Industrial Foregoing – 50+ industrial machines for automation, processing, energy production.
This is a fairly large industrial mod for minecraft, mainly it specializes in machines that perform different functions.
You will be able to create, kill, sort animals, get them different liquids which then let them to create food.
Auto miners, machines for creating automatic farms, for creating potions and enchanting items, and much more, there are a lot of cars, a high-quality and interesting mod. As the author pointed out, this is some logical continuation of the Minefactory Reloaded mod

Let’s go over the cars that are in this mod:
Petrifed fuel Generator – a generator that produces Tesla energy from a bunch of different things, JEI even shows the amount of energy received from them.
Enchantment Sorter – block sorting enchanted and non-enchanted items.
As an addition to it, there are blocks for unloading and loading specific items, that is, you can build a sorting station.
Mob Crusher – a block that kills mobs that are nearby, collects a drop into itself. It also collects special liquid from mobs.

Potion Brewer – a potion making machine; lay ingredients, water, bottles.
Animal Baby Separator – a unit for separating adult animals from children.

Animal Feeder – feeding unit, feeder, feeds your animals that are nearby.

Plant sower – a unit that plants plant sprouts and seeds.

Plant fertilizer – a block that fertilizes your plants.

Plant Gatherer is an automatic harvester.

Water condensator – a block that collects water (takes water into itself if it is nearby, does not remove water).

Resources Fisher – block automatic fisherman who catches fish.
Animal Rancher – a block that collects milk from cows, a car wash.

Mob slaughter factory – an animal slaughtering unit for receiving meat liquid and pink mucus.

Mob Duplicator – a duplicator (cloner) of mobs, allows you to get clones of mobs, you need to load a special essence and put the mob there caught in a special tool.
Block Breaker – a block breaking and collecting block in front of you (for truck farms)
Block Placer – a block that sets blocks in front of itself.

A set of machines for the extraction of various liquids, from animals, from trees.

Mob detector – allows you to determine if there are animals, sends a redstone signal.

Lava Fabrivator – a block creates lava, but requires a lot of energy.

Bioreactor – allows you to get biofuels from any organics that you put there.

Laser Dril – a laser drill, essentially an auto miner, is used together with the base unit into which the lenses are folded (a certain type of lens produces a specific resource)
Material Stonework Factory – allows you to create basic resources.
Several basic machines for smelting and processing.
I didn’t describe all the machines, there are some more interesting machines, all the machines have a convenient interface which tells what is put there (with JEI), where the result comes from.

In general, this is a very cool technical mod with a lot of features, unlike other such mods, it does not add millions of new ores and materials, all machines are not very difficult to craft from vanilla items.
Inside there is a book that contains all the recipes, there is also integration with the JEI mod, which allows you to view different parameters on the machines.

How to install Industrial Foregoing mod ?:
Install forge for minecraft.
Download the mod and place the file at: C: \ Users \ your user pc \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft \ mods
Open the minecraft launcher and select the version of minecraft with forge in the profile.


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