Just Enough Calculation Mod

This is a simple calculator that quickly calculates the necessary number of items and components for creating complex things, especially for complex industrial mods.
This mod is not particularly useful in vanilla minecraft, because all the blocks there are quite easy to craft.
But if you install a couple of complex industrial mods, then one block there can be crafted from complex components that are also crafted from components, as a result, if you need 8 specific blocks, then even to take the necessary components from the chests you need to strain your brain, either take with a margin, and then carry back.
Just calculate the right amount of resources for the right amount of specific items.

Screenshots of the Just Enough Calculation Mod:
Simple vanilla ingredients:
Complex components:

Installing the Just Enough Calculation mod:
For 1.7.10 – install NEI
For 1.8.9-1.12.2 and later – install JEI.
Copy the mod to .minecraft / mods /


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