Large Futuristic City Map

Beautiful map with a big city in the style of the future. The city itself looks very sterile, as if inanimate, contributing to the colors – gray, white and blue, which are used in the vast majority of buildings. Around the city there is a lot of water, there is no nature as such (unless you count the zone in the center and the zones on the roof buildings).

The city looks very nice with shaders. There is really one minus – there aren’t much interiors in buildings, there’s either to come to terms with this, or to finish them yourself. The city still contains a lot of water – it is in many buildings, there are beautiful waterfalls around the buildings. Everything is very beautifully worked out in this regard.


How to install the map:
Download the file and unzip it. (get the folder from the archive)
Copy the folder to .minecraft / saves
Choose this save in the game.


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