Lightest Lamps Mod

The Lightest Lamps mod will add new lamps to minecraft, they are brighter than any vanilla light source. They can be divided into 6 main types (depending on brightness): Alpha lamp (lighting level 16), Beta & Gamma lamp (level 17), Delta (18), Epsilon (19), Zeta (20) and the coolest – Omega a lamp with a lighting level of 30, which is 2 times higher than any standard source. One such lamp can illuminate a fairly large area in the district.

Gas for the lamps is made in Gas Centrifuge, first we put an ordinary lamp there to get the basis:

How to install Lightest Lamps mod:
Install forge for minecraft.
Download the mod and place the file at: C: \ Users \ your user pc \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft \ mods
Open the minecraft launcher and select the version of minecraft with forge in the profile.


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