MineJurassic Mod

MineJurassic mod – will add real dinosaurs to minecraft which can be created by finding fossils and extracting their DNA, more than 40 species of dinosaurs are in fashion and the authors promise to add as many individuals as possible.
There is a simple system for creating spawn eggs of dinosaurs in fashion, for this you need to find the blocks in which the fossils are located, breaking them you will receive part of the skeleton of a dinosaur, put it and a special test tube in a workbench and this way you can get a dna, and then a syringe with dna individuals, add dna to the chicken egg and the dinosaur is ready.
All dinosaurs have their own unique sounds, different sizes and behaviors.


Install forge.
Download the mod and copy to: C: \ Users \ your user pc \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft \ mods


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