Mysterium Map

Mysterium is a dark RPG map.
The map is made using Custom NPCs.
Author – Sirius

Mysterium is an atmospheric RPG / adventure game in which you play as a mercenary trying to escape from mysterious dungeons, delving deeper and deeper into their secrets in Minecraft. You will face many unique enemies. Who knows what this mysterious journey will turn out to be?


◉ Author’s music, which is very rare for such projects.
◉ Completed competent plot, no beta or alpha.
◉ Thoughtful characters who are not averse to letting go of a joke sometimes.
◉ Small but thoughtful lore.
◉ Maximum optimization: it will work with only 1GB of memory

How to install Map:

1. Download the archive with the assembly
2. Unpack the assembly into .minecraft (or your root folder)
3. Install the latest version of forge for 1.12.2
4. Run this version
5. You can now reach the Mysterium.


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