OptiFine HD Mod

Optifine (optifine) – a mod for Minecraft that extends the graphics settings in the game, optimizes the game by increasing FPS, allows you to use non-standard resources, increase the range of drawing the world, and of course allows you to run shaders for minecraft

Optifine Features:

More graphic settings:

In the main menu of graphics settings, you will immediately find new items:
You can increase the range of the world to 64 chunks. (hello super computer)

Dynamic lighting – if you enable this setting, the luminous blocks and objects will glow when they are in your hands or when you throw them away. It is realistic and beautiful, but it loads your pc.
Demonstration of dynamic lighting in optifine, beautiful and realistic

Shaders – a menu for choosing and setting shaders, download shaders for minecraft and put the archives in the \ .minecraft \ shaderpacks folder
After that you can turn them on, and to configure each shaderpack there is a button on the bottom right, there you can change various parameters, each pack has different parameters.
Dynamics of the field of view – allows the field of view during flight or running

Quality – a lot of settings affecting the speed of the game and quality, combining textures, improving snow, font, water.
settings affecting picture quality
Performance – settings related to the performance of the game.

Optifine game performance settings
Other things in this menu you can enable the display of FPS, disable weather effects, change the quality of the created screenshots and more.

other settings
Settings for game elements – here you can change the height of clouds, the quality and transparency of foliage, turn off the sun and moon, stars, raincoats, remove the sky and fog, turn off the shadows of entities.

Animation settings – you can turn off any animation in the game, the movement of fire, portal, water or lava, all this can help increase FPS.

Improves snow and turf, purifies water:

Increases FPS (visual speed):
With standard settings, the game will look a little better and it will rise FPS (frame rate per second).
The value of FPS growth can be different, for example, for me without optofine: 500-540 FPS, and with optifine 750-770.
An example of how optifine boosts FPS in minecraft

You can also change settings affecting performance and achieve even greater results.

Improves textures and gives more features:

Optifine itself improves the work with textures, smooths edges, better connects them, but the main feature is much greater flexibility in texturing blocks when creating texture packs.

So, many texture packs can work properly only with optifine, for example, a zombie texture with a head torn off, or packs for the seasons of the year.

Optifine makes it possible to create not only additional texture layers, but also to create a color map of textures, which allows you to smoothly change the color of textures depending on the time of year.

Improves snow and turf, purifies water:

In the quality settings you can enable the clear water option, it will become more transparent.
To improve the snow, he will be able to lie on blocks of grass.
Turn on the option to improve snow and turf, many blocks will be covered with turf or snow completely, which will make the picture much more realistic and natural.

Graphic effects:

Optifine has a built-in dynamic lighting system (included in the settings.)
Thanks to this, luminous objects always emit light, even when they are in your hands when walking.

Demonstration of dynamic lighting in optifine, beautiful and realistic

You can also change settings affecting performance and achieve even greater results.

Shader Launch:

An incredible feature of optifine is the support of shaders, special mods that incredibly change the graphics in the game, I’ll just give a link to the category where you can download shaders for minecraft and show some screenshots.

Optifine Installation:

Installation on 1.5.2 and 1.6.4 and earlier:

Open .minecraft \ versions \ 1.5.2 or 1.6.4
Open the 1.5.2.jar file with WinRar, open the downloaded archive, copy all the files inside the 1.5.2.jar file (transfer)
Find the Meta-Inf folder and delete it, run version 1.5.2 in the launcher

Installation on version 1.7.10 and later:
Download and run the downloaded jar or exe file, click install.
In the launcher of minecraft, select the version of the game with optifine.
If you have Forge installed and you need to install optifine and forge together, just copy the downloaded .jar file to the Mods folder.
If you have Fabric installed, install OptiFabric and copy the downloaded .jar file to the Mods folder.


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