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Pixelmon I think it’s not worthwhile to say something about this universe, for absolutely everyone has heard about Pokemon at least out of the ear. Naturally, such a huge universe will not be limited only to the cartoon and games. Over the entire period of its existence, a huge number of comics (official and fan-made), feature films (not only official) have been released. And as we see, he got to Minecraft as a mod.
Today we will focus on it.

Pixelmon is one of the most global and best mods, adding not only the most Pokémon, but also everything related to this universe (objects, furniture, gameplay).

I suggest you take a look at a short list of what this mod adds:
-Pokemon (Of course)
-New items (poke balls, for example)
-New ores
-New armor
-New weapon
-New tools (Hammers and variations of existing ones)
– Devices (e.g. Exchange terminal or PC)
-New gameplay
-New sounds
-New buildings and dungeons

Of course, the craft!
A small guide:
Relatively small


In fact, the mod is based not on the cartoon, but on the games, therefore, those who have already played any Pokemon game (Fire Red, for example) will find it easy to get used to the game.

Well, for everyone else: enjoy reading!

So, right away, once you upload your new world, they will let you choose your starting Pokémon (they will all have the same level. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose)

Fights are an integral part of this mod. And it is logical to assume that during the battle your partner may suffer. In this case, you need to find the nearest Pokemon center (spawn randomly on the entire map) and heal there. So you know what they look like:

In the latter, by the way, there is a terminal in which we can store our Pokemon if the team is full.
=================================================== =========================
But where without catching Pokemon? In order to catch a Pokemon, we already need one in our team and a pokeball (without it in any way). Consider the example of a vulpix.

Everything is as usual: we start the battle, use attacks.

But in the end, when the Pokemon we need is left with little health, we just use pokeball and hope that everything works out.

If everything works out, then you will see a notification in the chat. Vulpix will be considered a new member of the team. There is one BUT: you will immediately need to go to the PC, naturally, to restore the health of the Pokemon.

=================================================== =========================

Poke markets. Everything is simple here. If you are too lazy to craft pokebola, you need medicine, or all sorts of other goodies and you have money, PM is irreplaceable for you. But the problem is that initially you have 0. You need to fight other coaches to get it. Well, or sell your trash that you found.

First, let’s figure out how it looks and where you can meet it?
This is how it looks:

It is found only in villages. Oh yes, I forgot to say that with this mod the chances of meeting a settlement increase (though instead of residents there will be NPCs from the mod). Villages will be met very often. Do not be scared.

How to make money? Ordinary NPC trainers who have their own level and their Pokémon randomly spawn across the map. For the victory over the coaches you will be given money.
Here is an example of one of them:

After the victory you will be given a prize. The amount depends on the level of defeated by you.

=================================================== =========================

Now you can talk about what awaits you in this world.

At times, walking along the map, you can meet just such an abandoned tower. In it and near it dwell ghostly type Pokémon. You can catch them only there or in caves.

I don’t advise you not to swing there.

This kind of pokeball can be found most often on the beach. By clicking on the right mouse button, a random object will appear in our hands (it can be medicine, maybe ordinary water, or the pokeball itself may get caught). You can sell all these items in the PM.

And inside these little trees there is something like a fruit (I seriously have no idea what it is). But from it I make different pokeballs. You can also sell.

This is not all that you can meet in this mod! I described only the essentials for survival.

Screenshots:(You love them so much)

Pixelmon mod installation:
1- Download mod.
2 – install Forge!
2- Find the root folder of Minecraft
3- Transfer the mod archive to the mods folder (located in the root .minecraft folder)
4- Run the game.


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