RandomPatches Mod

The RandomPatches mod is a very popular partially technical mod that fixes some game bugs, adds small functions to minecraft, or slightly changes the game.

In general, the mod does not have huge and very cool features, but still it will be useful in any assembly.
List of changes:
Fast language switching.
Ability to turn off the glow of potion jars (disabled by default)
Fixed a portal to the edge, the portal now renders even if you look at it from below, and when destroyed, it now has black particles.
Fixed a bug where you can break the portal if you pour water into it (off by default), you need to click the bucket right into the corner of the portal.
Particle-related fixes, added particle display in many operations, snow particles when building a snow golem, heart-shaped particles appearing on mobs, large smoke particles when mixing water and lava, explosion particles when breaking blocks from an ender dragon, and others. All these effects were in the game back in 2013, but now they are not used.
Fixed an issue where the player’s model could blink when flying with Elytra.
The ability to use a combination of keys for control, for this use Shift + another key (in minecraft 1.8 key Z + another key)
Smooth Shift squat animation, which is present in versions before 1.8 and after 1.13, but not on 1.8-1.12
Optimized rendering of bamboo blocks, which reduces the load on the pc when you are in bamboo biome.
A fix in which, during fast mining, sometimes only the client’s blocks broke, but the server did not.
Correction of pistons that sometimes create ghost blocks, here is an example of such a bug
Fixed a bug where when placing an observer, it gives a redstone signal.
Changing the step of the FPS limiter scale, now you can limit the FPS to 75 frames for example.
Changing the buoyancy of boats when you swim into a waterfall, usually the boat just sinks, with the mod it will float, the buoyancy factor can be adjusted.
Ability to adjust the maximum speed of movement of players, which will remove spam in the log “player is moving too fast”
After leaving the server, the player will be taken to the game menu, and not to the server selection menu.
Ability to configure timeouts for the player to connect to the server.
Some other more complex edits.


How to install the mod:
Install Forge
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.


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