Safe Minecraft mods download

How to safely download and install mods for minecraft?

Minecraft is a game where the player’s options are limited only by his imagination. You can build a cozy house or build a whole city, build different mechanisms or just enjoy adventures through an endless world.
As with any game with a devoted community, for “Minecraft” in the history of its existence have created a lot of custom modifications.
Mods will make the game more beautiful and comfortable, and gameplay – more diverse. Fortunately for Minecraft there really are a lot of them. From the banal texture packs that change the appearance of blocks and add a special atmosphere, to improvements in gameplay mechanics like mini-maps.

Where to download mods?

So where do you get all this goodness? There is no official site for modifications, so you can use any trusted site you like.
On our website you can choose and download any mod you like absolutely free and safe – Now take it as an example.

How to download mods?

Go to the site, click on the upper menu with modifications or texture packs.

Next, choose your version of Minecraft. You can find out what version you’re playing by looking in the bottom left corner in the game menu.

java minecraft menu

If you’re looking for mods on a particular topic, choose it too – there are appropriate sections on the site. The same if you download textures.

Find any mod we’re interested in, click on it. The post will be a detailed description, screenshots and a brief installation guide. Scroll down a little further and see a download button for different versions of the game. Find the right one and download it.

download mod

Select the file with the prefix Forge at the bottom. There will also be links to additional mods that are needed to make the basic modification.

How to install mods?

First, download and install Java from the official website There is nothing complicated, just follow the instructions.

java install

Next, we need a loader mods Forge. It is thanks to him and modifications will work in the game. Go to the official site, in the menu on the left side choose your version of Minecraft. Click on the button “Installer”, download and run the installer file. Click on “Install Client” and click on “OK”.

forge installer

Preparations are over, now let’s put the mod itself. To do this, go to a folder with the game. Its path: C:\Users\Your_Profile_Name\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft. The AppData folder is hidden. To display it, go into “Explorer”, click on “View” at the top, then “Show or Hide” and check the box for “Hidden Items”. Done! Now the hidden folders and files will be visible.

install mods

In the “.minecraft” folder we find or create a folder called “mods. Transfer to it the downloaded files modifications. Now open the Launcher, in the list choose a version with the notation “Forge” and press play.

install mods

Congratulations, you have successfully installed modification on Minecraft!

Do you like modifications? Be sure to share with us in the comments the ones you like the most!



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