Super Mario Craft Resource Pack

And we have another resource pack in the Mario universe for minecraft. Here the hodgepodge from all the games in this series, you can see both the textures from the old games, and from the last. Redrawn a lot of everything – menus, tools, weapons, armor, mobs, the entire surrounding world. And of course, everything is bright and full of colors.

Some optifine functions are supported (for example, connected textures), so it’s better to install it. Also, 3D models are used (and quite a lot), which also will not work without optifine. In terms of the external style, this resource pack and all the past ones that have already been released, but everything is very well worked out here – the general style, details, 3D models.


How to install texture pack:
Download the file and copy to .minecraft / resourcepacks
In the game settings, find “Resource Packs” and select this pack.


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