Traveller’s Boots Mod

Mod Traveler’s Boots – traveler’s boots
The mod will add new boots to minecraft that are perfect for those who like to walk a lot and explore everything. All new boots have 4 pairs, each pair gives the player acceleration, and some also increase the player’s step and increase the height of the jump. At the same time, they have armor, like ordinary boots.

Traveler’s Boots MK1
Give speed 1 level.
1 armor point.
Can be repaired with leather.

Traveler’s Boots MK2
Give speed 1 level.
Increase stride length.
2 points of armor.
Can be repaired with gold bars.

Traveler’s Boots MK3
Give the speed of the second level.
Increase stride length.
4 armor points.
Are repaired by diamonds.

Traveler’s Boots MK4
Give speed 4 levels.
Give Level Two Leap.
Increase stride length.
6 points of armor.
Are repaired by emeralds.


How to install Traveler’s Boots mod:
Install forge for minecraft.
Download the mod and place the file at: C: \ Users \ your user pc \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft \ mods
Open the minecraft launcher and select the version of minecraft with forge in the profile


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