True Secret Rooms Mod

The mod will add blocks to minecraft to create secret rooms – on the one hand, the block will seem like an ordinary earth, and on the other hand, through it you can see what is happening outside. Blocks will also appear, which will be visible as regular blocks, but at the same time it will be possible to pass through them. And a few more interesting blocks.

These are just primordial blocks and they are visible as earth. To give them a different texture, you need the Staff Of Camo item, with which you can transfer the block texture to the invisible block. We just take the object in hand, click on the usual block, the texture of which we want to transfer, and actually transfer it to our invisible block. For the invisible block, you can customize absolutely any side of the block with the texture you want – you can make stones on the top, and make the sides with snow. It all depends on the fantasy of the player.

How to install the mod:
Install Fabric
Install Fabric API
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
Launch the factory version of the game in the launcher.


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