Underwater Biome Mod

Underwater Biome mod – new underwater biomes and mobs, survival in the ocean.
An interesting mod that all lovers will enjoy surviving in difficult conditions, it is somewhat similar to minenautica and the subnautica game, you need to survive in a world where there is only one water, explore technology, create various devices for survival in this hostile world.

The mod adds a new type of world to the game – WaterWorld, if you create it then appear in the ocean, and not far from you there will be a rescue shuttle in which there are items to start the game, next you can find the remains of a research base that can also be looted.
The mod adds several new underwater biomes, new underwater mobs among which are sharks, underwater skeletons and even creeper fish that will blow you up.

A water pressure and temperature system will appear in the game, create a thermometer and a pressure meter to display these parameters, fill oxygen cylinders in your rescue shuttle.
The mod implies a certain development, the player can earn several types of points, these are C – chemistry, B – biology, P – physics, and O – occultism.
Thanks to these points, you can unlock new recipes, the achievement system will help you with this, press the C, B, P, and O keys there to spend points and gain knowledge.
For survival, you will need different objects, flashlights, underwater torches, weapons, air tanks.

At the beginning of the game you will receive 1 oxygen cylinder, you need to fill it in a special machine in a rescue capsule, place it in your inventory and you will have a scale of additional air.
Loot abandoned laboratories, if you find BluePrint you can learn the recipe without skill points.
Keep track of temperature and pressure, it can kill you.

If you just install the mod and don’t create a new type of world, then your game will just have new underwater biomes and all objects and mobs, but there will be no life shuttle.


How To Install:
Install forge.
Download the mod and copy it to: C: \ Users \ your user pc \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft \ mods


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