Unforgiving Void Mod

Unforgiving Void mod – appear in hell when falling into the void.
A funny mod that will allow you to save life when falling into the void, after the fall you will appear in hell and be able to get out of there, you will even be given obsidian to build a portal, although you will need a lighter.
The mod is almost pointless in a normal game, by default the player cannot fall out of the world, as he cannot break the hips, but you can install bedrock miner, simply bedrock, and break the hips, or install WorldGen Block Replacer and replace the thigh with a different type of blocks.


How To Install:
Install forge.
Download the mod and copy it to the address: C: \ Users \ your user pc \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft \ mods
Open the launcher and select the version of minecraft with forge in the profile.


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