Vanilla Enhanced Mod

Another mod that will improve the standard minecraft – it will add new biomes, new ores, and along with ores and armor, weapons and tools. One new mob will appear and some other little things. If you want to diversify the world of the game, while not changing it much, then this is a suitable mod for this.

Among the new biomes, the following types will appear: red forest (forest with tall trees), mixed forest (there are many types of trees at once), sandy mountains, deserts with snow, extreme mountains (very high and diverse), as well as extreme jungles. The new mob is a honey slug. A couple of food items will also appear. Sapphire and ruby ​​can be found from ores, and it will be possible to make ordinary sets of armor, weapons and tools from them.


How to install the mod:
Install Fabric
Install Fabric API
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
Launch the factory version of the game in the launcher.


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