Wooden Utilities Mod

The mod will add a bunch of new wooden items to minecraft – for example, a set of wooden armor, wooden scissors, a wooden stove, even wooden dynamite will appear in the game. All of these items are not particularly useful, but they also require fewer items to craft. And it complements the lack of using the tree in the game.

Wood slabs
Used to craft other items in fashion. Later, different types of wood can be added for wood slabs.

Wooden scissors
Regular scissors, but with less strength and will not drop leaves.

Wood carver
Works like a stone carver, but only for objects.

TnT wood block
Like dynamite, only produces a small explosion.

Wooden backpack
It holds only 9 items and is made of wood.

Wooden solar panel
A solar panel that generates a small amount of energy.

Wood stove
An ordinary stove that can catch fire from time to time.

Wooden funnel
A regular funnel with only one slot.

Wood lamp
Light source made of wood.


How to install the mod:
Install Forge
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.


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