Cooking for Blockheads Mod

The Cooking for Blockheads (Hell’s Kitchen) mod will add some kitchen appliances, a working oven, refrigerator, cabinets and hangers to minecraft. A very interesting mod that adds some very convenient and beautiful things for your kitchen, see food recipes, see recipes for what can be crafted from your resources.
Moreover, all equipment has animation, things inside are visible when the door is opened and closed.

What does the Cooking for Blockheads mod add?
An oven, a lot of products are cooked in it at once and very quickly.
Refrigerator – allows you to store a lot of food.
Hanger – Hang food on the wall.
Desktop, see everything you can cook from your resources and cook there.
Lockers – store food inside.
Milk storage bottle, fill with buckets and take back.
An endless bottle of milk, a small cow lives inside that gives you milk.
The toaster is a decoration.
The washbasin is a decoration.
Three books, 1 level – see the craft of everything that can be prepared from the inventory.
Level 2 – see craft and cook in the book.
Level 3 – see recipes for all food right in the game.


How to install the mod:
Install Forge
Install all additional mods if specified.
Download mod and copy to .minecraft / mods
Launch the forge version of the game in the launcher.


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